An angel disguised as a surgeon

A few things I forgot to mention in the previous post, the first surgeon misdiagnosed the stage of the cancer, she said that it was stage two, turned out it was stage three, will give more details on this later. Also I did mention that I didn’t plan on going back for the second scan, I fully believe that God made everything fall so perfectly in to place, and got me to go.

Dr Benn is an angel, she is so passionate about her work and dedicated to her patients it’s unreal.  She looked at the referral letter from the other surgeon and read the first histology report, and said to me: “You are going to be just fine” Shaun was busy rubbing my back, she looked at him and said to him: “Don’t worry, you are still gonna be stuck with her for a very long time” She was very reassuring and I immediately felt very comfortable with her as a surgeon, this is what she deals with every single day of her life, she’s seen almost everything. She told me that I was going to beat this and that you can’t die from breast cancer, you only die when it spreads elsewhere in your body.  She suggested to firstly do a sentinel lymph node biopsy.

All went well with the first op, although 5 lymph nodes reacted to the dye that they injected all tested negative, yay! The cancer did not yet spread out to the rest of my body. This was awesome news! NO CHEMO, for now anyway, we would definitely know once they’ve done a biopsy in further surgery.

The awful thing was the drain, it even had a generator, and I had to keep it in for a week.  When the MRI and other test results came back I had 2 choices, single or double mastectomy. I immediately chose a double mastectomy, I know my family history and did not want to go through anything like this ever again. After the phsycologist OK’d me as mentally stable, like there was ever a question that I wasn’t! we booked the surgery for 31st May.

I was second on the surgery list due to go into theatre at 14:00, I only went in at 15:30, surgery was gonna be an hour and a half. After an hour and a half had passed the Dr Benn came out to reassure Shaun that all was ok, she went back in but sent out one of the male nurses to take Shaun a tour through the hospital, hehe.  I was in surgery for 4 hours.

When I woke up I just remember my chest feeling like it was on fire and that I had bench pressed a truck.Shaun was there all the way he only left the hospital at 22:00 that night. That first night in high care ward wasn’t that nice, there where a lot of machines beeping and alarms going off all through the night. I think we where 5 patients in that ward.  The next morning I was moved to a private ward, that was much better. The staff at the hospital are very nice and very professional. The next morning I was discharged and the drains where removed, thank heavens, I didn’t have the energy for that again.

I was glad to be home and see my little boy again after 3 days! Only I couldn’t hold him or pick him up, it broke my heart.


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