Double Mastectomy Biopsy Histology results and treatment going forward

Hi all. Its been a while i know sorry. I just wasnt ready to re-live everything just yet. Healing from my double mastectomy at that time i thought was tough. It was very painful. I remember saying i would rather have 7 ceceareans! I couldnt do much and wasnt alowed to bath or shower. And having a “lappie bad” during winter time sux. They had finished my surgery and checked the margins. Now these need to be 1cm clear of any cancerous cells. The pathologist wasnt happy and they had to go back in and cut out deeper and more. They removed 850g from my left  breast and 940g from the right. On the right they had to cut out muscle and went in 3cm’s. This felt weird cause they had put in the tissue expanders filled with 150cc’s each, the healing muscle kept on slipping off the expander and back over the expander. Very eery feeling. I was on lots and lots of meds. Still am. At my 1week post op some of the results came back. It was negative for both estrogen and progesterone. Which was a Godsend as i sooooo badly want to have more babies. But the Her2 sish test had not yet come back. This is cultivated and grown in the lab. So no chemo just yet until we get the Her2 results back. If that comes back negative too then the samples are sent off to the USA to do a probability analysis of reoccurence because im still young and need as many years cancer free as i can get.


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