Getting diagnosed with HER2+ Breast Cancer at age 29!

Hi everybody. Back in 2012 i was diagnosed with breast cancer. (HER2 +3, stage 3b)

I want to write about my experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer at 29, the decisions, feelings and questions i had to go through and deal with, all of this while my son was only 6.5 months old at the time.

I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ, for without Him I dont know how I would have gotten to the point I’m at today. Personally I feel sorry and sad for those who do not believe in God, for I dont know how they deal with something like this and how they stay positive without the Lord carrying them through all the way. I truly feel blessed despite my situation, for I am now closer to God than what I ever dreamt could be possible. I fully believe that it wasnt God that has put this on my path, but that He is the One that is going to get me to the end point, I believe satan couldnt find any hold on my life elsewhere, like my marriage and that he started attacking the physical, well i feel sorry for him because i know he will not succeed! Ever! Generally I’m a very negative person and I know this, its sad i know, but through all of this God has given me a supernatural strength and positiveness that I have never known up until now! I just know everything is going to be ok and work out the way that it should.  And I vow to do my best to never go back to my negativity!

If I’m annoying you with my love for Christ, stop reading now, I will not stop writing about how much I love Him nor will I apologize about it. So get over it, love it or leave it!

I want to thank Shaun, my husband, who has been a rock and comfort from the get go, you are the one true love of my life, and a woman can not ask for a better husband. He has been supporting me and helping me more than is expected of any husband, taking over my chores as a wife,mom and housekeeper. Without you I dont know where I would be, the Lord surely picked out a special one for me when he made you! You know I tease you with this but you are a keeper! Love you to bits!

My son Dylan Nathan, you are an angel gift from above, never had I known a love so pure and true, I’m addicted to your love and have waited so long for you. You make me forget and feel better about all the bad in the world and just make life….complete. I love you with all that I am.

Thankyou to my parents and in-laws for you have supported and stood by me in a way that no parent should have to, no parent needs to see their child go throuh something like this, I cant imagine having Dylan going through something like this, it would just break me. I love you guys so much!

To my friends, wow, you guys are awesome! thankyou for all the visits, cheer me uppers, coffe, cake, sweets, gizillions of flowers and all your love and support you guys are awesome.  You guys have prayed with me, for hours on end, and made it all so much easier! Its sad that something like this has to happen to get to know your true friends and what the meaning of true friendship is. Love you stax!

Here goes, Dylan was 3.5 months old, we where driving somewhere in the car, he was fussy, i was sitting in the back with him and leaned over into the fortuner’s boot to get a bottle out from his back, the car pulled away and I bumped my right breast, I had just stopped breastfeeding 3 days prior, I almost died from the pain, it was like the pain you get when you stop breastfeeding, all over again. It had made a bruise and got quite hard, it didnt want to go away, and I had thought that it was merely a blocked milk duct, I did just stop breastfeeding afterall, but it kept growing and getting bigger and bigger. weird right?? I thought so. By the end of March, Dylan was now 5.5 months old, it still wasnt gone, I decided to go to the GP, and I decided to go to Shauns GP, by this time a scab had started to grow on my right nipple, which was very weird to me because I had no issues like this while I was breastfeeding, I googled it, I love google, well turns out, it wasnt a good sign.  The GP sent me for immediate scans and sonars. The radioligist refused to give me a mammogram as I was too young, go figure, generally they only give mammo’s for women over 40. He sad that it was just calcifications or a blocked duct, but to come back in a month to see what was going on in there.  I phoned for an appointment end April, the tuesday was a public holiday and the work gave us the monday off, a bridge day like in school.  When I phoned the lady was quite rude and said that they where fully booked, yeah right I thought, its a long weekend, you just want to go home early, so I replied with a snotty:”Well phone me when you have the time to see me”, I put the phone down and told Shaun, I’m not going back, its probably nothing.  The Lord was looking out for me, because someone from the radiologist’s office phoned me the Monday morning and told me that they weren’t busy at all, I must come in anytime!

I phoned Shaun, I was busy getting my nails done at the time, and told him, you’re coming with I’m not doing this alone.  Again they didn’t want to do a mammo and the sonar picked up nothing out of the ordinary, but I kept insisting, I told the radiologist, its my body you are going to do it, he gave in and said he would do 2 plates only, well guess what he came back and took another 3! The biggest calcification was already 11cm’s big, and from what I learn’t later was that no calcification is normal of safe!

Afterwards he called us in and showed us the scans, it literally looked like someone had taken a hand of sugar and had thrown it all over my right breast on the inside.  He referred me back to the GP immediately, who in turn made an appointment at a surgeon immediately.  The surgeon did a blind core needle biopsy right then and there, it wasn’t to sore, she just hit a vain and had to use a whole pack of gauze to stop the bleeding. awesome stuff right?? eish.  She had said she would let me know the results by either the Friday or Monday. I couldn’t wait I kept stalking her and said that I didn’t mind getting the results over the phone, I just could live through the weekend not knowing.

She phoned me back at 19:30 the Friday night, her words where:”Are you alone? Is you re husband there, sit down, it is some type of cancer”. I went to go see her the Monday to discuss my options, she wanted to do chemo right away and just do a lumpectomy, that’s when they only take out the lump, when I said I wanted a double mastectomy she was very hesitant, but I know my family history with breast cancer and other cancers and didn’t want it coming back or go through another operation to remove it anyway. We talked about reconstruction in the vaal, and from what I’ve seen, not very good, I asked her for a referral to Dr Carol Ann Benn at Millpark, because funny enough 3 people asked me over the weekend to go to her, she is truly an angel! And is so in love with her work and her patients, i felt safe with her, and reconstruction specialists and phsycologists everything was there in her practise so why not!

I was booked for the next day to go and see her, the Tuesday.


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